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Our company "ANJAL GEMS INDIA" was founded in 2000. We made fancy shape and cutting in natural diamonds since 2000. For over 4 years we have been providing "Fancy Shape Cutting" to CVD - HPHT Diamond with complete satisfaction and an ideal price to the customer. We make full use of modern machinery & latest technology.
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Difference Between

Mined & Lab Grown Diamonds

Mined Diamonds

  • Traditional method for producing diamonds
  • Uses Heavy Machinery
  • Uses Explosives
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • And other harsh methods to dig deep below the surface and extract the gems from the earth.

Lab Grown Diamonds

  • Grown diamonds – also known as “cultured” or “engineered” diamonds – are manmade and created under controlled conditions in a sophisticated lab set up.
  • Under extreme pressure and heat a specific mixture of gases are utilized to slowly deposit elemental carbon on a substrate to create original diamonds.
  • Once finished, they have the same quality and structure of naturally occurring diamonds.

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