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Quick Guide to Lab-Created Diamonds

Quick Guide to Lab-Created Diamonds Image

Lab-created diamonds have exploded onto the scene, and for the first time, engagement ring shoppers have two types of diamonds to choose from. It’s turned a centuries-old industry on its head and has many shoppers asking “what is a lab-created diamond?” So, if you’re shopping for an engagement ring, and you’re a little confused about the value, origin, and authenticity of lab-created diamonds – you’re not alone. We put together this short guide to provide you with a quick rundown on lab-created diamonds. We’ll cover the basics like how they’re made, how they compare to mined diamonds, their benefits, and why they’re less expensive.

By the end, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to decide if a lab-created diamond is right for you and to ask the right questions when you start your search for the perfect ring.