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About Us


Our company "ANJAL GEMS INDIA" was founded in 2000. We made fancy shape and cutting in natural diamonds since 2000. For over 4 years we have been providing "Fancy Shape Cutting" to CVD - HPHT Diamond with complete satisfaction and an ideal price to the customer. We make full use of modern machinery & latest technology.

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Our Values


We will always approach every decision and action with absolute and unwavering faith. Infused with faith, our work environment, processes and output will be aimed at building abiding trust amongst customers, employees, bankers, suppliers, well-wishers and all belonging to our larger ecosystem.


Our work culture enables each an every one of us to work with freedom and ownership. We believe this approach fosters innovation and helps us add value to our offerings. We believe our growth lies in empowering our people to come foward and bring their unique perspectives to the table.


We believe persistent hardwork is the key to success in all we do. Our dedication to working hard, every day, helps us cross milestones consistently and enables us to keep setting higher standards for ourselves. It has been our way of growth over these years.